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High-resolution art photography is the process of digitising art true to the original for the purpose of print reproduction or simply to preserve a painting, drawing, photo or sculpture in a digital format.

With 20 years experience, skills and specialist equipment we accurately match your originals, paying close attention to the texture, details and colours used in your artwork to give you a high-res virtual copy.

All types of media can be photographed in fine detail – including watercolour, oils, acrylics, photographs, canvases, charcoal drawings, pencil, pastel, pen, ink and sculpture.

We have a dedicated artwork photography studio, located next to our conservation framing studio. We’re equipped with a high-resolution 50-megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lenses and professional lighting. The studio is big enough for large-format works of up to 6m long and 4m wide. We do location shoots at clients convenience where there are almost no size constraints.

We can photograph framed artworks without any reflection from glazing being captured. This can be important if you do not want to remove the artwork from its frame. Works are photographed using a particular lighting layout that will eliminate reflections.

Artwork photography charges inc. vat:

Single image shoot in studio – R524.00
Half-day shoot in studio – R3896.00
Hour shoot in studio – R2058.00
Full-day shoot in studio – R7012.00

On Location:

If you require us to shoot artwork on your location, including art and gallery installation, we can bring our setup to you. We have a location charge of R575 and a minimum of an hour shoot. Extra costs may be added, depending on the location.

Prices include:

  • using a min 50-megapixel high-resolution camera
  • tone and colour balancing at our studio
  • adjustments to more closely match the original
  • metadata capture and image archiving
  • TIFF version of your artwork (master file)
  • JPEG versions of your artwork (print-ready file)

There may be additional charges if:

  • large amounts of grading / editing required
  • we need to remove and replace your images from frames
  • the unwrapping and re-wrapping of work
  • photographing a material which requires more setup to digitise
  • photographing framed artworks behind glass
  • photographing sculpture from various angles

We have a 3-7 business day turnaround time. Same day Priority Service possible on request and may refer to additional charges.

Artwork photography – by appointment

Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment to bring in your artwork.


We store clients art in a secure location, although we encourage you to read our T’s & C’s for your own insurance purposes.