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Custom-made Frames

We’re often asked, “Is it possible to make a frame that…”. Quite frankly, nothing excites us more. We’re not just carpenters, we’re craftsmen. Ready to listen to your requirements and make it happen. The combined strengths of our team make it possible to imagine and create what some may think impossible. We love wood and take great pride in personally selecting our hardwoods such as African Walnut, Beech, and White Oak, from reputable timber traders and working these down to custom profiles. Our expansive workshop space is functionally set up to handle the manufacture of large frame pieces and equipped with precision machinery.

DLB seeks to provide all their clients, no matter how big, small, local or international, the expectation for innovation, craftsmanship, and a way of seeing. The team at DLB are committed to the philosophy of nothing ordinary: everything exceptional.