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Gilding & Restoration

The way of old they say. Not so, we say. Contemporary or traditional, gilding is the new sexy.  This is a beautiful process and an ancient skill practised by Egyptian master gilders. Today we still work by many of the same methods, creating contemporary and some may say, daring frames that one simply cannot buy off the shelf. Nothing quite replaces the aesthetic of a hand leafed frame especially when the gilding process is informed by the work and the creative intent. Using a combination of shellacs, washes, inks and painting techniques, we carefully recreate the imagined. This is an art in itself and we’ve been doing it for over 45 years.

Frame restoration is a process of moulding, re-building and carefully adhering together broken pieces, or painting and aging treasured old frames to their former glory. Using a variety of materials and processes, the restoration process is the practise of perfection and patience, both of which we have.